Pemiscot County Democratic Party

Pemiscot County Democratic Party

In the rural bootheel of Missouri lies Pemiscot County, a deep red area (65.6% for Trump) with a population of less than 20K. The county’s Democratic Party has an engaged membership, but hasn’t been properly resourced given its small size and location.


Collaborating with the Pemiscot Democratic Party and its chair, Josh Rittenberry, we built the group a custom website from scratch, the cornerstone of a digital presence. By having a website, the Pemiscot Dems can more easily connect to their membership, recruit new volunteers, and increase visibility.


When we’re helping local Democratic Parties get their digital presence off the ground with a website, we’re always mindful of three key parameters:

  1. Low costs for monthly hosting
  2. Flexibility to change the site’s appearance
  3. Simplicity of updating the website and adding new content


Once we completed the project, EngageProgress trained the Pemiscot County Dems on how the site was set up and how to add a new blog post or edit copy. Even after the website was finished, we want to ensure that the Pemiscot County team felt empowered to make changes but also know that we were always here as a source of support in the future if needed. We’re confident that we can teach any Democratic club or party how to update and maintain a beautiful—and crucially important—website.

By investing in places like Pemiscot County now, we’re helping develop the foundations and scalable digital infrastructure for Democrats in all 3,007 counties in the U.S.


October 31, 2017


Website Development