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Share group details

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Click on a step below to get details on the questions you’ll be asked in the order and for pro tips on selecting content. Still have questions about getting started? Contact us or request a consultation.

You’ll have three options you can pick from when selecting your design. These are base WordPress templates that we’ve customized to best work for Democrat and progressive groups. You can also view a demo of a live website to get a better idea of what it actually looks like.

We’ll also ask if your group has a logo, or if you’d like us to use a generic logo. If you’re a Democratic club or county party we’ll use the generic logo below, and if you’re another type of pressive group we’ll likely just use your group’s name.



The more information you provide here, the more specific your site will be. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in everything though—for sections you don’t have details for, we’ll either use generic messaging or not include the page. You’ll always be able to update this content later!


Meeting location / times

If you meet at a consistent time and location, you can add it here. For example, “The first Tuesday of every month from 6pm-8pm and the downtown public library.”


Officers / leadership team

Does your group have officers or a leadership team you want to feature? You can list each officer’s position and name here, like:

President – Sylvia Nguyen

Treasurer – Tom Manion

Secretary – Ryan Graves


Donating to your group

What’s the best way for others to donate to your group? Typically this is a link to an ActBlue campaign that we’ll include in different parts of the website. Don’t have an ActBlue campaign setup yet? Let us know and we’re happy to help share resources!


About / mission statement

This is what would typically go on an “About” page of your website. This is information that may include why your group was formed, what its purpose is, if it’s affiliated with any other groups, and what your group’s values are.


Volunteer opportunities

Are there currently any volunteer opportunities available? How do visitors to your website learn about future volunteer opportunities? Are there different areas where you need volunteers, like fundraising, events, and letter writing? This may just be a contact form with options for prospective volunteers to share areas they’re interested in helping out with.


Joining your group

Is there a best way for interested members to join your group? This may be to just show up at the next meeting, email the chair, or fill out an information form so they can receive updates.


Social media links

If you already have social media accounts for your group like Facebook or Twitter, include them here.


Legal disclaimers / notices

Some states require that you include something like, “Paid for by the Highlands County Democratic Party, Jane Jennings, Chair” at the bottom of your website.

You’ll have the opportunity to upload 6 different images that we’ll use across the site. Mainly these will be “header images” (the big image you see at the top of a page) but they may appear elsewhere depending on the type of design.


Pro Tips


  • Upload large, high-resolution images if possible
  • Include pictures of people whenever you can
  • Use photos that represent your group or your location
  • Use horizontal images; it’s easier to crop an image smaller if needed


Types of Images to Include


  • Members at a meeting
  • Volunteering events
  • Leadership team
  • Members at an event like a parade
  • Group photos


Check out the gallery below for examples of some good images.

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